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India is a country of festivals. Every day somewhere in our country, there will be a festival and people will be performing various pujas. Worshipping God is a pure form of showing our love towards God, and we should worship God with utmost care and devotion.

We know that worshipping God is not a simple task, it involves a huge process, and we require many puja items to worship God. Before we begin the puja, we must clean our house, and also we should purify the place where we offer our praying, i.e. puja mandir.


We have innumerable festivals and rituals to worship our deities. During the festivals like Diwali, we clean our house and decorate our house with home decors to make the home look pleasant. Also, on the occasions like Diwali, we perform puja for Goddess Laxmi Devi. Also, we light diyas in our house and surroundings. Festivals like Diwali require many puja items and home purifying items such as flowers, diyas, oil lamps, Panchapatra, vessels and many more.

Every festival has its own unique way of rituals to perform for deities. Festivals like Ganesh Chaturthi require a different kind of items and puja samagri to worship Lord Ganesh. Also, we use a lot of puja and home purifying items during the festivals like MakaraSankranthi, Dusserah, MahaShivaratri and so on.

It is a well-known fact that we cannot obtain all the puja and home purifying items easily in one place. In this modern era, buying puja items is not an easy task. Also, buying the puja and home purifying items on the festival day is a complex task. The prices may vary, and also we may not get the quality products.

We also perform Homas, and we worship our deities in our house. Worshipping God by performing Homas require a lot of puja items. Puja items such as puja vessels, Panchapatra, garlands, incense stick (Agarbathi), cotton, oil lamps and many more. Buying all the puja and home purifying items is hectic work. But, at Organics Mantra, we are providing all the puja and home purifying items. Organics Mantra is a one-stop Online store for all your needs.

Puja & Home purifying items at Organics Mantra

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