about us

Health Enthusiasts and Promoter of Organic way of life

Welcome to the Mantra of Organic Living

Organics Mantra (OM) is pleased to offer you naturally produced vegetables, fruits, groceries & other day to day items at your door-step. We have hand-picked products in our inventory & will keep adding more. We take inspiration from age old Indian traditions & practices that will have minimum impact on the environment & endeavor to minimise consumption of harmful chemicals & additives.

We are health enthusiasts and campaigners of the well being of people. We actively promote an organic way of life. Organic living, however, is not only making sure that your food is organic or that it came from a trusted organic food marketer; just as important, is adopting a healthy lifestyle.

We work towards bringing about a culture of organic living.


Be a trustworthy partner to consumers in a transformational journey to embrace a natural and healthier lifestyle.


In Today’s fast paced urban life, we have forgotten our traditional and simple ways of leading a sustainable life. It is our endeavor to turn around, reflect on our glorious culture, lifestyle and food habits and revive them to seamlessly blend with our modern day lives.

Why Organic?

Organic food is produced using natural and traditional farming methods unlike Non Organic food which is produced using Conventional farming methods that involves usage of harmful pesticides, artificial fertilizers and other chemicals. Food produced organically is always much healthier and safer for us. Organic farming involves sustainable agricultural practices which is good for the environment. It is the best method of farming which is sustainable for the farmer in the long run.

Some of the advantages of Organic food are:

healthy and nutritious

Produced using natural farming methods without the use of fertilizers; thus retaining their naturally high nutritional content


Free from Pesticides, Artificial fertilizers and chemicals. In Organic farming, Natural fertilizers like compost, plant wastes and manure are used. No usage of genetically modified seeds.


Organic food is tastier than non-organic because they do not contain any artificial preservatives or chemicals

healthy crop and soil

Different farming techniques like Crop rotation and mixed cropping are used to retain good soil quality and naturally replenish it over time.

environment friendly

Pesticides that are used in conventional farming pollute water bodies and soil & thus very harmful to the nature