As we provide access to all the authentic and healthy staples, we have come to recognize that everyone has some questions or the other regarding our products. We have addressed some of the most frequently asked questions that satisfy our customers’ queries. One may use the query form for additional information.

  • Organic food is extremely healthy
    • High nutritional content
    • Free from - Pesticides, Artificial fertilizers or chemicals
    • Nature friendly
  • While there is no scientific evidence to prove it , Organic food is definitely tastier and healthier than non organic food because they do not contain any pesticides or chemicals and are fresh and natural
  • Non Organic food is produced using Conventional farming methods that involves usage of harmful pesticides, artificial fertilizers and other chemicals.
    • High crop yield - however resulting in more damage than good.
    • Chemical pesticides enter the food chain and very hazardous to human health
    • carcinogenic chemicals are used
    • Chemicals degrade the soil quality
    • Significant loss of nutritional value
  • Organic food produced using natural and traditional farming methods
    • Healthy crop & soil :-)
    • Natural fertilizers like compost, plant wastes and manure are used
    • Different farming techniques like Crop rotation, mixed cropping are used to retain good soil quality and naturally replenish it over time
    • Chemicals degrade the soil quality
    • Plants grown organically retain their naturally high nutrition content