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Millets, also referred to as miracle grains, are a combination of small seed vegetation that rises well in dry conditions. Millets can tolerate drought and high temperatures also. Millets are a healthy food that our forefathers consumed for over 7000 years. Organic millets are available online and are high in fibre, protein, vitamins, as well as minerals. Millets have a very less glycaemic index and a less cholesterol content, making them a good choice for diabetes and cardiac patients. Millets even have antioxidant and antimicrobial benefits that may help to slow the ageing process.

Types of Millets available at Organics Mantra:

India generates approximately 10 million tonnes of millets, taking account for 40% of global yield, trying to make it the world's biggest supplier of millets.

  1. Sorghum (Jonnalu)
  2. Wheat ( Godhumalu)
  3. Barnyard millet (Udalu or Kodisama)
  4. Little millet (Samalu)
  5. Foxtail millet (Korralu)
  6. Kodo millet (Arikelu)
  7. Finger millet (Ragi Chodi)
  8. Pearl millet (Sajjalu)
  9. Proso millet (Variga) and many more…

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