why us

Ensuring sustainability is the key to wellness of all

- At Organic Mantra, we diligently go into every detail while selecting our products. We spend a considerable amount of time for selecting the farms, checking the farmers' knowledge of sustainable farming techniques and ensuring whether all the stringent norms of agricultural practices are adhered to.

We ensure that all our farms and farming methods are Organic as per the standards.

Sustainable Agricultural practices for wellness of soil and produce

Sustainable income for welfare of Farmers

Sustainable lifestyle for customer well being

Selecting the Farm

The Right farm and the right farming methods are fundamental to Organic produce and our Farmers are the pillars.

Selecting the farm is of paramount importance to us. We spend a considerable amount of time checking the farms, the farmers knowledge of sustainable farming techniques and whether all the stringent norms of agricultural practices are adhered to

The Right Mix


Chemical free soil is one of the primary requirements of Organic farming. We ensure that all our farms are tested to confirm that they are chemical free


We make sure that none of our farmers use genetically modified seeds. We also promote local/desi nati seed varieties of vegetables/ fruits


Each crop grows naturally in the right weather and temperature conditions which comes naturally only in the right seasons


We ensure that our farmers cultivate the farm naturally without the use of any pesticides or fertilizers and following various best practices like crop rotation, composting, mixed cropping


We see that each crop has to be harvested at the right level of maturity


At Organic Mantra, we take great care in our Procurement process to deliver the best to you. We are very particular while choosing our farms to ensure the produce is harvested and delivered to you freshest, most natural, nutritious and full of original flavour. We have farms in Shamshabad, Zaheerabad,Siddipet and Sangareddy. We educate and encourage our farmers to adhere to our stringent quality norms 

Customer Order

day 1

Order placed with our farmer & harvesting

day 2

Freshly harvested fruits and vegetables delivered to you within 24 hours of harvesting

day 3

Fruits and Vegetables from the farm are received in our Packing and distribution center in Kondapur. The packing area is completely sanitized before initiating the packing procedure in a hygienic manner. We do our best to avoid any kind of one-time plastic usage. We at Organic Mantra believe in conserving the environment at each and every step and hence, we follow the policy of Reuse & Recycle. We also encourage our customers to do the same. Delivery of all our products are done only by our teams and - We don’t outsource delivery. All the efforts are made to ensure that the delivery of all the produce to our customers is done in a timely manner while following all hygiene and safety guidelines.

Why Choose Us

Our Organic Online Store is stored with handpicked Organic Products from the select farms that employ modern farming techniques and ensure minimum impact to the environment

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Always Fresh

Our produce is sourced from captive farms in a scheduled manner and in such a way that they reach you fresh.

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100% Natural

Our goal is to provide you with 100% natural farm produce which has grown organically and benefits your health.

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Super Healthy

We have pledged ourselves to provide you with super healthy organic food without compromising on the quality.

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Premium Quality

Every produce coming out of our farms goes through a strict quality control process to ensure a premium quality.